“This page contains both secure and nonsecure items”

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’ve been looking through the mmc to find the answer and never thought about looking into IE’s security settings. Since it was my email provider that had the error message everytime I opened IE, it became extremely frustrating. Thank you for this fix!!!

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic!! This has been bugging me for ages 5 star tip!!

  • Glad it helped, indeed is an annoying warning that I’m happy it doesn’t show anymore. I wonder if Vista shows this … not that I worry since I’ll switch directly to Windows 7

  • Anonymous

    My version is MIE 7 and it does not offer the display mixed content box. Any other ideas?

  • thx much, this has been driving me nuts all morning

  • Chris

    Nice, thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Is it secure to disable this option like this? What are the possible security risks?

  • jmf

    same here so happy to found the settings. So annoying

  • Anonymous

    i enable "display mixed content" and i still get the annoying pop up. i have to click it 3 times before it goes away. i get this prompt before every page load for only 1 particular https site. I have added the site to my trusted sites and that has not solved the problem either. Help!

  • Anonymous

    Well, the solution works if you don't mind your gmail content (for example) sending 'some' information via an unsecured protocol. Personally I'd rather harass Google to fix whatever portion of the page is still being loaded with a http:// prefix, instead of https://.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks…….works Great!

  • anu

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  • Anonymous

    does anyone know how to fix this vis a regisrty hack?

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  • i just wanted to remove it form my IE6!

  • Rob

    The Security risk of this is that you could be viewing a secure page with an insecure frame in it &amp; inside that frame could be a form where you might be submitting information &amp; you might be expecting that information to be encrypted because you are on a secure page – but because you have disabled the warning you have no idea that there is the risk of submitting your information in plain

  • Anonymous

    This is excellent…Thanks…sudipto…from India

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  • Anonymous

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